IT HelpDesk at Point of Sale

Attach HelpDesk services to your product offerings at the Point of Sale.

Go to Point of Need

Create standalone subscriptions or a VAS bundle that can be sold at the Point of Sale so you can deliver more value to your customers and increase ARPU.

Deliver on all support needs and strengthen your customer relationships

Ensure your customers always have an easy  and affordable way to address SaaS and IT needs - without having to own IT personnel. IT HelpDesk ongoing support subscriptions can be sold at the Point of Sale, when a customer has purchased a new cloud app, onboarding service or core product. This Service-as-a-Service gives your customers access to expert 24/7 support for their devices and applications and enables your brand to build stronger customer relationships as their trusted advisor. 

14 Deliver
15 Stickier

Improve sales conversions and create "stickier" customers

We combine best of breed technology with expert talent to sell, onboard and solve customer problems. Our model reinforces cross-sell and upsell opportunities and has been a key factor in supporting 40% attach rates at Point of Sale and our 90% CSAT ratings on our quality of service.

Bundle or sell peace-of-mind IT HelpDesk subscriptions with your core products and services